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M.E.C Protect

Tailored advice, exploring all concerns and potential barriers to you in achieving your desired financial future.

The importance of protection

Here at M.E.C Mortgages we are passionate about protection. It isn’t spoken about enough and we’re not comfortable with that!

We will tailor our advice to you, exploring all concerns and potential barriers to achieving your financial future.

We want to make sure that you and your family achieve your goals no matter what life may throw at you.

We understand that the unexpected can’t be anticipated, but we can make sure that whatever does happen, you have a plan.

Our Protection

Sometimes life can be unexpected. Life is a roller-coaster, but we don’t get to know when the bumps will come! Things can change in an instance and making sure your family is prepared is one of the most sensible, intelligent and wise things you can do. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either, with our advisors tailoring the provider and cover to you and your budget.

Protection put simply breaks down into 4 main areas. Protecting your home and the belongings inside, protecting your income and family in the event of being unable to work, protecting against serious illness and finally ensuring your family and loved ones are taken care of in the event of your death.

You can review protection at ANY point in your financial journey, and protection is important even if you don’t own your own home yet. The advice we give will be invaluable, taking your priorities and needs into account to tailor a personalised package with different budget levels, to ensure you are as protected as possible. We will advise on all aspects, ensuring we highlight any specific areas of need.

Find out more about what protection can do for you and the FREE protection advice service we offer.


*As with all insurance policies conditions and exclusions will apply

Key Areas

Did you know statutory sick pay is only £96.35 per week for up to 28 weeks?

After this it’s zero!

The 4 key areas of protection

What would your family and loved ones do if you weren’t there anymore? An important question to ask. Maybe you’re the breadwinner or a homemaker, but how would your finances and costs be affected if you weren’t there anymore. Making sure that your family still have a roof over their head, are looked after and have food on the table is an important part of protection planning.

Did you know millions of people leave themselves unprotected meaning their families experience great financial difficulty, left suddenly, with some even losing their homes. Life insurance can make sure that your family is left with no debts and worries, with money to help support the finances and costs incurred at that time, and a little extra for whatever they may need. It can make sure your children’s future is secured no matter what happens.

Life cover offers a tax free lump sum in the event of death and/or earlier terminal illness. It can run up to and beyond your mortgage term as needed, with amounts staying the same or decreasing. Many of our providers also offer additional benefits and rewards to customer and we will take everything into account when finding the right cover for you.

Going through a serious illness is life changing and frightening and although we tend to feel invincible most of the time, illness does happen. No-one wants to be worrying about money at a time like that and we don’t want you to either. Critical illness insurance will take the financial weight off you, so you can focus on getting better. Offering a lump sum, critical illness insurance will ensure your debts are repaid, your roof can stay firmly over your head, and it can even give you some funds to put towards the best treatment possible. Our providers pay quickly giving you much needed funds at this hard time.

Critical illness will provide a lump sum upon diagnosis of certain critical illnesses so you can pay off debts, pay hospital bills and take time with the people that matter the most. Every provider is different and we take the hard work out for you, using our expertise and knowledge to find the best provider, looking into those small details that really can make the difference to you when you need to claim. We use defaqto and market leading tools to compare policies looking at every aspect that is important to you.

Do you know what sick pay to expect from you’re employer if you’re off sick? Most of us don’t know, and the majority of employers pay little or no sick pay! How long could you last without your income?

Income protection is important for everyone whether you own your own home or not. Many people protect their mobile phone and other assets, but not the income that buys those things. Income protection is important for everyone and finding the right policy is even more important.

Offering a monthly benefit on being unable to work due to any illness, accident or injury, with claims coming from stress, depression, cancer and even those pesky back problems, this cover will ensure you can continue to be able to live, and your financial future isn’t affected. It can pay out almost immediately meaning you have no time without earnings and can focus on recovery. It can help with all levels of sick pay and can even offer long term cover if you can never work again. Our providers cover a number of occupations, even the ones that are a little more dangerous.

We also specialise in covering key workers such as nurses and doctors and those with unusual benefits and income.

Protecting your home is important and in some cases a condition of a mortgage. We can help make sure your home is covered when those little accidents happen, and that your policy doesn’t have any nasty surprises. We research the market to find not only the cheapest policy, but the most comprehensive using defaqto as a guide for excellence. We help not only when you buy your home, but at each renewal (and trust us it comes round quickly).

Your dedicated advisor will research the market for the best home insurance- think of us like a real life human comparison website, but with so much more!

We know that cheapest isn’t always best, so we look at the finer details along with finding you the cheapest price. We will talk you through the benefits of the policy and why we have chosen that provider for you, using specialist tools from Defaqto that are not available to the general public.

We also offer contents insurance, landlords insurance and much more so get in touch and we will help find the right cover for you.

Other insurance we can offer:

  • Insurance for employers/employees
  • Medical insurance
  • Family income benefits
  • Unemployment cover
  • Landlord insurance
  • Key person
  • Group policies
  • Many more